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Friday, September 30, 2011

How to make your own cursor

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The first all of we are need a tools what it's??? it tool's name  iconArt ^_^ download  in here the software
2. And then open the software and draw anything like you want yours .

This the software where have be done to open 

, when you have done to make or to design  yours ,save it with be going to file--> save frame as cursor .
4.Okay now hardly you job have finish for  to apply the new cursor as your mouse pointer so be going to Control Panel--> Mouse --> Pointer --> browse the  pointer as your have made--> and then click ok!! and see you work it's have be done hehhee ^_^ just it's the step hmm.. i hope you are like this post and give you comment and have fun enjoy blogging. ^_^

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Ruang Informasi Terkini said...

i like this post. Kunjungan balasan di tengah malam. Update terus mas postingan artikel blognya, karena kami bisa mampir kemari tiap hari. Salam silaturahmi..

suram----code said...

thanks for your comment brother have fun and enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

this is great cursor....:D

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