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Friday, September 30, 2011

Lock your Pc with your Face

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 Hmm.... so long so good like that now every time keep browse and be continue to blogging keep share and post.okay brother sister in this section i will to try post something different ,but i thing you have done to know this post before but i just like post and keep blogging ^_^.ok check it out about the step to Lock Pc with Face
1.the first you must download the software in here  this software's name smile-in software 
2.And then install and run be going to ^_^
okay i will explain something about this software .This software for Windows utilizing face recognition technology with live detection. Look in your webcam. smile-in will recognize your living face and your secured Windows account will open. Normal changes ( hairstyle, beard, glasses) will be no problem. No passwords needed. Adjustable live detection makes logon to your Windows account with photos impossible. Flexible user administration of smile-in lets your to organize access of same person to many Windows user accounts as well as to use one Windows user account for many persons. smile-in exists in parallel with standard Windows logon, so logon with password will be still possible after installing smile-in.Hmm.. just it 's the step and something explain so i hope you are like this post and give your comment have fun and enjoy keep posting and spirit blogging ^_^

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