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Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 TOP The Biggest stories of 2011 In mobile

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Mobile it's a like one a technology in super passive and increase all of time .. and so what the stories for this media technology in this one.. yeah Have 10 TOP the biggest Stories of 2011 check it out below  .

1.Unlimited Data plans 
For this media like mobile in the technology knowledge it's never lost something plans to make something idea for forward some generation for this good mobile network and devices of course can help in other people for interaction and other activity for some business or some life needed in the real accord.  For example like smart phone the biggest one for revolution attending a mobile in media technology and it's the most total cost i USA for revolution record.

2.Mobile Streaming Media
In a mobile media Streaming it's one for amazing the future and feature for the media like mobile in technology revolution distribution.It seemed for this year when streaming for the mobile really took off. According to Niels Company for user this streaming mobile have about 31 million people it's mean the user for this streaming mobile have 61 % up from 2010

3.4G Network Resolution 
This years all major U.S carries a several of discount regional one when the busy faster 4G network in distributor marketing revolution.As why this say the biggest stories mean this nothing impossible for the major needed for human in this world and the top related present from U.S. yeah it's one the country producer and then make the generous stabilization.Over time the move to 4G Network should relieve growth in faster and time up to date for the daily and common running in the distribution assignment.

Who isn't know about blackberry hmm.. it's globalization media from information and it's like one the most future to be interesting from the people in this!! so amazing .So this one media it's really make some chance and change for marketing revolution in distribution from this world.October 2011 so most for access internet trough the blackberry and get gmail or chat facebook it's use blackberry wow it's sure for discussion but not for time.

5.Android Command
Android Command begin something be so smart for this technology so far this one more to be important and it's the general for the people when this one media get the command possibility and grape of other ingenious.

6.Mobile Payment Infrastructure
As this one like mobile payment ... it's really can for change and this so be simple for other people  who like one to marketing job and get financial and graph.

7.The Reader Tablet
Tablet.. this one for the Android rival for distributions in the general for people and The tablet more interest for some people.because this one media have the more simple and very cheap. hmm,, one the country in this world can producer this one media and it's more cheaper then other country which it's can too producer from this media.And the country is like India .. This country can producer the product like tablet with a more simple then the Android and more cheap .. and it's more help for people in this world and it's really really can helps. 

8.Mobile Privacy
For become the mobile privacy so this one future make the people for safety and get for  comfortable for use all mobile program for need when get to internet line membership. And this one  future make the people it's like marketing profession get more safety and have be enjoy to get the new project.

9.Voice interface Continue
I think this one it's common and all of people know it and of course use it to'' for mobile this one it's general and major.

10.Steve Job
Steve job who is know Steve Job legacy... of course so many people know it and this one so famous for this world and get more need it and interest it.After the die Apple finder so this ine stoolen and get something news and good work for get a change some revolution for mobile media in this world.It's come from north Korean and this for public attention generics.Job was a brilliant visionary who revolution that very concept of what mobile devices  can do and the rule can play in our lives.

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