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Saturday, February 25, 2012

SEO Tips News

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It seems there’s always something new to learn in the world of search engine optimization or, at the very least, something needs to be refreshed. This week I had a client who told me to reintroduce the use of stop words so my keywords sounded more natural in the framework of the text.
The funny thing about these stop words (which are the ‘fillers’ like the, and…etc.) are that they affect the strength of the keyword or keyword phrase you are using. For my money, it doesn’t matter whether I use them or not because I think a good content writer is able to skip over the problem by placing keywords in just the right circumstance and knowing which words he or she can place before and after so they blend in contextually.

Keyword Research

There’s always something brewing when it comes to keyword research. I found a helpful refresher article that dealt with long tail keywords and their implementation. Many people begin an SEO campaign by using generic keywords like ‘plumber’ when they should be looking at a more specialized version that has less opposition and will help them to rank higher in a specialty niche market.
For example, using the keyword ‘plumber’ might be deceiving because the average person setting up a website will see the number of hits and searches this keyword receives and think it’s the best word to use. That’s not always the case. When you are a smaller company looking to do well in a niche market, you might want to use a keyword like ‘residential plumber Toronto’, or whatever combination of words best describes your firm and will benefit from its ranking in the market.

Long Tail Keywords

Remember when you’re using these long tail keywords you don’t necessarily gauge your success by the same kind of criteria; these long tail versions are designed to help you attract customers in a very specialized and sometimes smaller market.
Here’s an interesting piece of advice to help you get better rankings regardless of the kind of keywords you’re using. I just read an article called 7 Advanced SEO Tactics that says you can actually increase the SEO juice you get from article marketing by linking to your sitemap rather than the home page because the result you’ll achieve is allowing the crawler to go deeper into your site than it would have otherwise.
Another great technique you can use is to register your website in a foreign language. It’s good to be aware of the fact competition in SEO is much less ambitious in other languages than American English. If you’ve got goods or services that are transferable internationally and you have other kinds of financial resources to allow this kind of enterprise, translating your website content into a foreign language is an excellent idea.

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