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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Online Domain Age Checker

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All of you know that there are millions of websites on the internet that are providing very useful information to us. Some websites are old and some are new. How to know the age of any websites? Why it is important for you? With the help of domain age checker tools you can easily find website age on the internet as well as some interesting information like how the website looked when it first started. The websites which are old, perform well on the web compare to new sites. Actually Google search bots gives more priority to those sites which are old more and pay more attention to it. But in some cases new websites also perform well on the internet as well as shows high traffic and more popularity. Thus the age of domain gives more idea about performance and popularity of any websites. After getting domain age information you can easily and quickly self analyze why particular website growth rate is high, why it is more popular, why they achieved good ranking and many more things. There are several websites available on the internet that provides free online domain age checking facilities. Among those how to know which one are so perfect and most popular? So keeping these issues in mind, here we have compiled best free online domain age checker tools that allows you to check how much time a particular website has been on the internet.

PS:The first 4 Domain Age Checkers are the best 
( We are Recommend to use Veign and Congland  )

Veign : This online tool returns the age of a domain, from when it was first registered on the internet.
Congland : It is also a great free online domain age checker tool that allows you to check more than one domain age in one time.
Click Consult : At this place you can check your domain age by entering a valid URL.
Seologs : This free tool also find the age of a domain.
Domainage : It is the place where you can find the age of your domain name.
Webconfs : This free online domain age checker tool display the approximate age of your website or blog on the internet and also allows you to view how the website looked when it first started.
SEO Chat : At this address you can find age of any domain including your competitor domain.
Perfect Optimization : This tool gives an approximate age of a domain.
Webmaster Tools : This free online domain age tool allows the user to find how old the site is.

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