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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Set up SEO Blog for beginninger

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the second important things that you must consider when you have choose your blogging platform. Why? Now Search Engine, GoogleYahoo, or BING, is the most people use to find something on internet. They just type what their looking for and find the result. It’s more effective than we must reminder some address and type on the browser. Therefore, bloggers need to know about SEO and how to optimize your blog to get good ranking.
Now please let’s me share about how to set up SEO for your blogger blog. It isn’t about how to create blog on blogger, but it’s about how to apply search engine optimization trick for your blogger blogs to gain your search position on search engine. 


  1. Install meta tags on blogger
    Meta tag is one of the big factors on search engine optimization. It’s one of factors that robots see when they crawling sites. Several meta tags that should be install on our blogs are meta tag description, meta tag keywords, meta tag robots, and others meta tags.
    The question is how to set or install it on blogger?
    Please follow this step to install or add meta tags on
    • go to your blogger dashboard
    • click on Design tab
    • Click Edit HTML

    •   Like this picture below

      Okay just it's about this section I hope this post can jelp and make your blog a new SEO formatting.Go around go under and go trough but never give up.Thanks.

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tifany underson said...

I'm running a blog for almost a month and what your post reminds me of what I executed to my blog when I'm just starting. It's helpful for those beginners who are luck information and idea. Now the next step is to compose SEO strategy and white label seo

Djonni Smith said...

Blogging is the most powerful tool you can use online to boost your website's popularity in terms of traffic and conversion. I have conversed with several Long Island advertising agencies and they highly suggested online marketers to invest in blogging and social media.

mithun said...

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

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