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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

File Manager Android App

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File Manager Android App is a high resolution for a Android tablet application.In this post section you are can download for complete File Manager Android app for free.But give a few minutes to explain something about this Application tablet Android so you can enjoy and have meaning for this File Manager Android App.

Okay ....!!! File Manager Android App is the best for free download Application for Android.This the File Manager Android App include for make something match.

  • Based android app new 3.0 for new themes future.
  • File Manager Android App have high definition like (1280*800)
  • Have 3 set of commercial icon for 60 different file type like Toolbar and Menu Item.
  • Cut copy and paste able to do in dialog for application layout.
  • Complete the list view live history for a browsing dialog.
  • Have the file search and you are can share for anyone who you want look it.
  • Have the multiple selecting and sorting could supporting.
  • Editing for performance photo I mean like thumbnail and list for just a little folder
  • This app too have a support for a remote system like LAN/SMB file system.
  • You are can built some a file editor and text and swf player.
Okay just ti's for some future include for this File Manager Android App for tablet application.So for the explanation I will know you are some of kinds from this app.For version using  from this App you can check below ...!!!

File Manager New version  for using
  • File Manager direct to Fix LAN shortcut detection problem.
  • Keep CPU awake for during you using for this app when you have some file copy like zip swf or other .
  • Support playing flv files from LAN and share in direct for other.
  • Support editing file like text and image.
  • Retail list few for folder or the data when you save in list from your memory.
  • Support file permission for root file mode.

Everything the best from this App so it's a something interest when you use Android Tablet version for this App like File Manager Android App ... so for using your activity so easy and have fun.Okay I hope you are like this post and it's can helps for you are.For support back just leave you are comment .Have fun and enjoy thanks.Download in here the app

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