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Friday, January 27, 2012

Social Bookmarking for SEO

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Traffick it's very interesting in SEO category blogging or index site in google. But it's not easy like a drink a cup of tea.Yeah.. like that but in this post I will try to know some like SEO traffick as why to make your site or blog become have done index by always and you will be.... Okay follow me back in my poor explanation ^_^
Understanding Social bookmarking Properly
Social Bookmarking is an important part of SEO, it can get search engines to index you many backlinks and also generate some traffic from these referral sites. Social bookmarking has been through a boom in the last years as more and more people use it on regular basis for their personal uses. This aspect and the demand for backlinks also gave a huge interest towardssocial bookmarking sites for people involved in SEO.
Internet marketing and SEO have the fallowing interesting insocial bookmarking sites:
  • Backlinks
  • traffic
  • boosting backlinks
  • Selling products
  • Traffic for Ads
  • Etc…
There are hundreds of social Bookmarking websites and some are dofollow while many are no follow.  Some are well administrated and ban many accounts while others are quite easy to spam. But not all social Bookmarking websites have the same traffic, nor the same PR and trust by Google.
boosting backlinks
When boosting back links it is important to submit to sites that Google trust and crawls often. Boosting backlinks is a method that consists of building some high level trust backlinks that will point to the page that is  pointing on your site. Here is a graphic
On this graphic you see a Un boosted backlink. Blue site pointing to your site (green). The blue backlink is weak (unless from a high PR page), and will not be trusted by search engines: risking not to get indexed.

 On this graphic you see a boosted backlink.Red sites are Social bookmarking websites. Blue site pointing to your site (green). The blue backlink is stronger as search engine see that it must be a good backlink, considering that it is being pointed at by several high trust sites.

Social bookmarking generates traffic booms as many people will explore your bookmarks if they seem interesting and are exposed on high traffic bookmarking sites. This can generate some sources of income. This traffic is only temporary and isn’t far as good as organic traffic.
When creating a bookmark, there will be a link pointing to your website. A backlink is created! Those backlinks can have some value for the Search engine ranking. If you submit to one social bookmark of course the weight will be very small. But submitting to 30 bookmarking websites really can have a power that can do a difference.
Using SocialBookmark for Optimization:
For a solid SEO boost, every time you have new content on a website you should post it on many Bookmarking websites. Google views each page of your website independently from another, bookmarking as much page as you can is really important as they allow you to class like you want, the way you want, for the keywords you want on every articles you post.
Automating the task:
Bookmarking can take a lot of time and there are some programs that do in 1 minute what could take you 30 minute or more. I use bookmarkwiz, it submits to 36 bookmarking websites and uses proxies, and different accounts so you won’t get banned and look suspicious.
I hope this trick as usual you find in browsing an internet. But in this post I just make something different and more than complete .I hope you like this post and can help.Thanks. 

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