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Sunday, January 29, 2012

SEO Technique On Page SEO

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SEO On Page Optimization Mastery basics; Most people naturally assume that the secret to high search engine.Before in my post about set up SOE  you can looked in here or you can looked as same trick in here
rankings starts with backlinks. If you have thought that then I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you are wrong. The starting block to high search engine rankings starts with having a site that is very well optimised the search engines.

The Basics Of On Page SEO
I’ve read a number of times on the Internet after the latest Google algorithm change that on page search engine optimisation has become even more important than it was before. Let’s look at two examples here. Say for example you have a poorly optimized website but do an aggressive link building campaign. And let’s look at a site that is well optimised to the search engines and does a moderately building campaign.
Which site do you think will have the best SEO algorithm results?
A few years ago I probably would have said the first site. However, I have learnt since then that no matter how aggressive your link building campaign is, if your site and your individual posts and pages are poorly
optimised you will not get the greatest benefit from your backlinking campaigns. Not only that, but a competitor who knows what he is doing with on page optimisation can actually outrank you with much fewer
That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you get your on page optimization spot on. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of time and money in the backlinking that you do.
1. The main keyword that you are wanting to rank for must be in your title
2. Make sure the main keyword you are trying to rank for it in your header tags, including H1, H2, and H3
3. Images are very important as far as search engine optimisation goes. I would recommend that you name your images relevant to the keywords that you are trying to rank for, however, ensuring that you are not spamming with keywords. Make sure that all your images have alt text for the main keyword that you are trying to rank for. Let’s say, for example, you are trying to rank for baby bottles. You could name one image cheap
baby bottles, you could name another image best baby bottles, you could name another image blue baby bottles; and have similar alt text for each image
4. Make sure you have your main keyword appearing at the very start of the page content and also in the last sentence of the page
5. Keep your keyword density low. Generally speaking, between 2 and 3% is the ideal
6. Do not have any outgoing links on your sites that are irrelevant. Let’s say your blog is about weight loss. Do not have external links going out to automobiles.
7. Make sure all external links on your blog are no follow
8. Make sure that every post or page on your blog links out to another piece of content on your blog with the main keyword that you’re trying to rank for on that post. For example, let’s say that your post is about quilts.
What you need to do is link to an internal piece of content on your blog with the anchor text quilts
9. Make sure that every post or page on your site links out to an authority site with the main keyword that you are trying to rank for. Using the quilt example above, you would have a look at sites like Wikipedia or one of the sites in my Google Farmer Update Revenge product that has seen a lot of improvements since the algorithm change and link back to that site with the keyword quilts. For best results you can create the link so that it does not look clickable on your page, but it will still carry weight. Here is what
it will look like:
10. Make sure that there is at least one image on every post
11. Make sure that you bold, underline and italicise the main keyword that you are trying to rank for in that post or page at least once
12. In days gone by keyword stuffing was common and people could get high rankings just by having the main keyword appear many times in a post or page. However, that is no longer the case. LSI is very important inthe eyes of Google and Google wants to see LSI on every post or page that you create. For example, LSI phrases would be dog training, toilet training your puppy, puppy potty training, etc. If you can’t think of LSI keywords try using the google keyword tool or google wonder wheel feature

13. Make sure that the content that is on your site is at least 500 words in length for optimal results
14. Make sure that if you have categories on your site that the categories contain your main keyword that you are trying to rank for. For example, let’s say your blog is about photo frames. For best results your categories should contain photo frames such as cheap photo frames, black photo frames, expensive photo frames, et cetera
15. Google looks closely at the bounce rate which shows how long visitors stay at your website. It is very important for this reason that your content keeps your visitors as long as possible on your site. For this reason you may want to include videos or video on your home page because these are generally longer to view and will improve your bounce rate performance
16. Make sure to follow good linking practices as far as linking to internal posts on your log. There are a number of free plug-ins that can help you with interlinking your content
17. Strive to add fresh content to your site frequently. The more often you update your site, the more often Google and the other search engines will visit it and index it
18. Make sure that the URLs on your site are keyword rich and not too long. For example, your URL may be Google would consider that a very lengthy URL and you would be better off shortening the URL so that it shows
19. Reduce the use of frames and JavaScript on your sites
I hope this post can helps.Don't forget to pass your comment.Have fun and enjoy.

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Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing this! As a Los Angeles SEO specialist, it is important for me to learn the basics of SEO and other forms of online marketing.

andyyy said...

These are very helpful tips for a seo reseller especially those who are just starting in the business. These guidelines must always be remembered for a more organized seo experience.

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