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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Search Marketing Idea

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Search marketing into two topics. Search engine marketing (SEM) which is PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click) programs such as Google Adwords that allow you to pay for a sponsored listing in the search results. And search engine optimization (SEO) which is the process of gaining a higher natural search position in the search engines.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    1.Create a search marketing budget.
        How much will you need to spend to get a sale?
        How much profit do you make per sale?
        How will you track and improve your ads?
   2. Advertise through Google Adwords.
        Largest market, most searches
        Highest competition
        May need to focus on a smaller niche to be profitable
   3. Advertise through Yahoo Search Marketing
        Moderate search volume and competition
   4. Advertise through Microsoft adCenter
        Moderate search volume
        Lower competition
  5.  Advertise through
        Low search volume
        Low competition
   6. Look for new niches and customer groups to offer your products and services to (web designer for automotive shops) to decrease competition.
   7. Use keyword tools to research what your potential customers are searching for.
   8. Google's keyword tool is a free tools to help research what people are searching for.
   9.Use local search marketing area specifications to target a specific city or zip code. Again reducing competition and increasing effectiveness.
  10.  Track Your Search Engine Marketing: Track leads, track conversions, track what each keyword does or doesn't do for you.
  11.  Adjust your campaign to explore more of the keywords that work and decrease bids on the keywords that don't preform as well.
 12. Create multiple landing pages and test the effectiveness of each landing page. Test different layouts, different copy, different calls to action.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Research what words your potential customers are searching with.
    Write search engine optimized titles that use the words that your customer are searching for.
    Get those same keywords in the link text of sites that are linking to you.
    Make sure the sites you get links on are on the same topic as your site is.
    Get quality relevant links from reputable sites.
    Build one-way links by:
        List in related quality directories
        Posting in related forums
        Commenting on related blogs
        Guest blogging
        Writing guest articles
        Submitting articles to directories
        Social bookmarking your site
    Don't link to sites that are seen as bad sites by the search engines. (Make sure they are well listed in Google)
    Use the same keywords in the body text of your content.
    Create great content focused on your topic that people want to link to.
    "Link Bait" with catchy article names and content like "99+ Internet Marketing Ideas"!
    Get that content in front of the eyes of some of the more established sites in your topic. (By commenting on blogs, interacting in forums, etc.)
    Check out SEOmoz's Ranking Factors to see how some of the top search engine optimization experts rank the importance of different factors influencing your position in the search engines.
    Track what search terms bring what conversions. Focus your keyword optimization efforts on the best performing keywords.
    Make your site search engine navigable. Search engines can't follow:
        Pure javascript dropdown menus or links
        Pages that are accessed by a form (login form, submit button, etc.)
    Try not to use frames.
    Make every page accessible within 3 clicks.
    Have fewer than 100 links per page.
    Create an XML sitemap
    Submit your site to the DMOZ directory
    Get listed in a paid directory like Best of the Web (BOTW) or Yahoo Directory.
        have hidden text
        use cloaking
        spam keywords on the page
        duplicate content
        Write good relevant content
        Design your site for your users
        Follow Google's Guidelines

I hope this article can help.Duniacare Search Marketing Idea.

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