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Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Top Facebook Marketing Strategies

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Facebook 2012 has done its homework! What about you?  Do you know what you need to grow and brand your business on Facebook?  Facebook is one of the most power marketing tools available for business and particularly network marketers and that is why it is important that you master this tool well.  Here are 5 steps that will guide you on how to use Facebook marketing strategically:

    1.Your Mission
    3.Content Sharing
    4.Monitor Results
    5.Competitors Activities
Okay Let's me to know you some explain from this step.Let's go checkitoutt becricrottttt :P

Your Mission:

You must be clear of what your mission is before you venture into using Facebook as marketing tool.  Why are you on Facebook?  What are you offering and who do you want to target?  Without a clear mission, you will be experiencing difficulties in driving your business to success.  This is because you want everybody from prospects to customers and most important yourself to know exactly what your company is all about.  Obviously you are the only person who should know exactly why your company exists.

The importance of training can never be re-emphasized enough!  If you have not set this as a priority in your business start-up plan then you are most likely going to be experiencing difficulties in developing your business.  So why do you need to have training on Facebook Marketing strategies?  Very simple, its positioning yourself at the pole position when the race to success begins!  Your competitors will have done their homework and definitely mastering this tool for their benefit.  They will know exactly when and how to:

    Make a clear or transparent fan page which has a call to action on its Timeline picture and how to use the wall tagline effectively
    Value content, how to offer it and share and even get it to be shared in other networks for you.
    How to engage with your network who you eventually want to get into your marketing funnel.
    How to create powerful campaigns offering value such as gifts; free video trainings etc., so that you are drawing the attention of your audience.
    How to use your fan base to make money
    How to use Facebook to brand yourself and your business

Content Sharing:

If you have content and it is not being shared, the obviously you will not be meeting your sales target.  You have to know exactly what will make your content go viral and are there rules which one need to master in order to get people or their network sharing their content for them around?
Monitor Results:

As we all know Facebook is a dynamic place to be in and therefore changes are taking place daily, hourly, in the minute and if you are not monitoring your results that you will be shooting in the dark when it comes to using Facebook marketing as a tool for developing your business.  You need to experiment, test and track your results as often as you can, particularly if you are posting regularly on the site.

There is actually no golden rule, instead you have to find the golden middle where you are posting decently and not spamming your network.  Personally I try to post once a day and I do one article per day, and dedicate the rest of the time to inter-act with my network, share their articles around and use this momentum to develop trust and relationship with them.
Competitor’s Activities:

You need to connect with your competitor’s pages because you want to know exactly what is it that they are doing successfully.  Positioning marketing requires that you are above the game and you are only able to do this if you know what your competitors are doing.
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