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Friday, September 23, 2011

Make your blog Search Engine

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Okay brother and sister keep spirit in blogging like me on this time, I will share my mind about search engine.Of course so many Search engine in this illusion world. For example Google, Yahoo, msn. Okay this post may be there usual you are found. But i think it not a something problem for blogging just keep share and feel in your soul. okay less talk do more .

 For the step by step ... pay attention for this picture below ^_^
1.step one go to this link and then get sign in like this picture below

 In this part you get sing in with you blog gmail.

2.And then we will found like this picture below ^_^
Okay it is hardly to get finished.... hehehhe... right now feel all of register like you link of you blog and a some word according to you blog.
And then keep fill the word security  submit box prepare. if all of have finish later will appear some message like " your register have success waiting for shortly time" hmm.. Just it is for this post I hope you are like and give your comment and enjoy.^_^

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Nurmayanti Zain said...

hmm :-? i don't understand, why it is said crawl url?

suram----code said...

what you dun know tell me
i wll help u :)

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