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Monday, September 26, 2011

Forum access without Register

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 Back!!! for the same time to post something... hehhee..... Before i will say as usual Hellow world!!! :D...
in this section i will to share something like title Forum access without Register hmm.. how many forum in cyber world but something it is secure or many content to request and then it  is make we are be border  to register it is'n us....!!! okay in this post i will try to solve this problem hehhehe... but it is must keep try and have fun and don't forget enjoy ^_^.....
So here’s way to access all information without register to that site. Follow these steps:.... ^_^
1.Download the User Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox from in here and install it.
2.Now go to Tools--->Default User Agent-->User Agent Switcher--->Options.
3.t will display User Agent Switcher Options. Select New User Agent and type “” without quotes in Description and in User Agent: type “Googlebot/2.1 (+” without quotes, leave other fields blank and then OK. 
4.And now let.s be continue go to Tools--->Default User Agent and select hmm.... are sure you do all of step.. yeah if you are sure to do you have done Access Forum without Register :D.
But if you have something question problem in your mind just you go to my post other time in here
okay this the step for this post I hope you are like and please give your comment have fun and enjoy.. see u are for the next post ^_^

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