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Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Change Google Acount Became On Android

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  How you can change your goggle account to be a android  without more reset fill ... and haven't to download application okay in this post i will to make something idea but i think it's not perfect 100%  because i just use my skill browsing okay just for educate and keep browse .keep try and keep share ... check it doott

The following are steps to change google account on android without a hard reset:
  1. Go to google apps
  2. click "Clear Data"
  3. After that there will be a message "All information you've saved in this application Will be deleted Permanently", click OK
  4. After that click "Back" and type "Synchronize Data", or click Home>Menu>Settings>Data synchronization
  5. After synchronize data will display a wizard to input data to a new Google account. This wizard also arise when we just bought a new android handset or when we just do the wipe through hardreset.

To be more safety, when to change google account is also clear data on your E-Mail Cache, by clicking Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Gmail. Click the "Clear Data". In order to process syncronisasi in E-mail is not having problems.

This Android Tips This is my  trial change in Nexian Journey with my new Google account, and the results can I change my Google without Android hard reset and applications that are downloaded will be kept.

I hope this post can help and make something new to support me back please pass you are comment have fun and enjoy 

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