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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make your searching experience with more simple

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 How do you thing when you go  searching in searching engine? are you sure can be fast and simple to find all of you want? hmm.. i think is not yet? ... okay let's make it be simple and fast you can do and find out soon.
just follow this step to make everything be okay
1Optimize Google
In this case i mean you using optimize google and you can get read of text ads from goole searching result .You can even filter you seraching result website use this  way back machine and remove click tracking and you can see result more .Here some of future of this plug-in

1. Use Google suggest (get word suggestion while typing)
2. Add more security by using https wherever necessary
3. Filter spammy websites from search results page
4. Option to remove SideWiki
5. Add links to bookmark your favorite result
6. Add links to other news and product search sites

to install this plugin just visit to this link in here  and click on the download button adds on and get install in your  browse .So when you have finished to install this adds on you can able or disable this from optin tools---> optimize gooleoption like that .

2.Searching Preview 
SearchPreview (formerly GooglePreview) will insert thumbnail view of the webpage into the Google search results page itself so that you can take the guess work out of clicking a link. Just install the plugin, reload Firefox and you will have the SearchPreview at work. You can install this plugin from the following link  in here

OptimizeGoogle and SearchPreview have made our search results smarter and faster. Now how about safer? Well you have another Firefox plugin to make your search results safer as well. Here we go.

3.Mcaffe Advisor 

This is a free browser plugin that gives safety advice about websites on the search results page before you actually click on the links. After you install the SiteAdvisor plugin, you will see a small rating icon next to each search result which will alert you about suspecious/risky websites and help you find safer alternatives. These ratings are derived based on various tests conducted by McAfee.

Based on the quality of links, SiteAdvisor may display Green, Yellow, Red or Grey icon next to the search results. Green means that the link is completely safe, Yellow means that there is a minor risk, Red means a mojor risk and Grey means that the site is not yet rated. These results will guide you to Web safety.
SiteAdvisor works on both Internet Explorer and Firefox which you can download from the following link: in here 

hmm.... so tired now and the step have finished I hope you like this post to make your search egine be fun and enjoy .pass your comment and enjoy blogging ^_^

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Iblizkecil said...

Adew ... Makin nyahuud adja kakak nie =))
nice share and nice site kakak :*

suram----code said...

hehheeh makasi kk comment nya :*

keep comennt kk hehhehe

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